Q: Where do the pearls come from?

A: Every pearl comes from either a saltwater cultured or freshwater cultured oyster. These oysters are sealed in a vacuum sealed bag with chemical preservatives to prevent them from rotting.


Q: Can I eat the oyster meat after opening?

A: We do not recommend eating the oysters. We also recommend wearing gloves if you choose to open the oysters yourself at home as the chemicals inside the bag can be very irritating to your skin.


Q: What if I want to open the oysters myself?

A: We have 2 options. We can either open them for you live on facebook and then ship either the pearls or whatever jewelry design you choose for the pearl(s), or we can ship the oysters to you where you can open yourself.


Q: What do I do with the pearls from the oysters?

A: There are several options. These pearls are normally between 6mm and 8mm in size. The size of the pearl can sometimes dictate what we can do with it. The options are: nothing (which we ship you the pearl(s) whole, cages (where you put the pearl inside to display on a chain), earrings (normally requires the pearls to be drilled either halfway or all the way through), necklaces (which can display a cage or drill the pearl for a custom look, Check out some of the jewelry we offer) and bracelets (have the same options as necklace).  If you are unsure, contact us and we can walk you through the options with some examples.


Q: What are pearl parties?

A: We do 2 types of pearl parties. 1: Live on facebook. This is when we take live orders and past orders and open them live so that you can watch to see what type of pearl(s) you get. We then make any jewelry and ship out the product(s) to you. 2: Private pearl party. This is when we either host a private event at our house or you host the event and we take orders and open oysters while playing fun games giving the customers a chance to win free merchandise. These are great for any type of celebration or just because. If you would like to book a private party or be invited to one of ours, please send us a private message and we will get back to you.


Q: What is the your guarantee?

A: For oysters, we can only guarantee the number of pearls if you purchase an oyster with a description containing more than one pearl while live on Facebook. If you choose to have the oyster shipped and open yourself, we have no way to verify the amount of pearls upon opening the oyster. As a small business, every sale matters to us and we want to keep you happy as best as possible. If you happen to have a negative experience, please message us and we will do our best to work with you to the best of our abilities.